North Steyne Snack Shack–Takeaway Burgers, Seafood, Fish & Chips, Tacos, 
Fresh Juices–Manly, Northern Beaches, Sydney

Takeaway Burgers, Seafood, Fish & Chips, Soft Tortilla Tacos, Milkshakes, Fresh Juices, Smoothies & Frappes, close to Manly Beach where you can enjoy the best in Takeaway Food

The beach has always been an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Memories of sand between your toes, the perfect wave, sand castles, collecting seashells, walking in somebody else’s footprints, feeding seagulls, surfboards, sunburn, bluebottles, the Surf Club, sunset & sunrise just to name a few.

The Tradition of this shop lives on with generation after generation enjoying the old school menu and remembering a time when fish & chips came rolled up in newspaper.

As our souls are still cleansed by the ocean, the North Steyne Snack Shack strives to satisfy your taste buds.

So please, drop by from time to time and maybe dream a little bit of days gone by.

The North Steyne Snack Shack Team


Ocean & Earth Pack

2 fish filets,  6 cocktails, 8 calamari rings, 4 prawns, 4 pineapple fritters, w/ family chips & large salad


Sea & Sand Pack

4 fish fillets, 8 calamari rings, 4 crab sticks, 2 pineapple fritters, 2 banana fritters, family chips & large salad


Little Nipper Pack

2 calamari rings & 2 fish cocktails w/chips


Grommet's Pack

3 fish cocktails w/chips


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